ASEZ were invited to the President’s palace in Brazil

The President of Brazil invited University volunteer student group from The Church of God; ASEZ

ASEZ, A university student volunteer group of Church of God(General Pastor Kim joo-Cheol, Church of God), were invited to the President’s palace in Brazil.

The President Temel welcomed them and expressed his gratitude for the dedication of ASEZ, who contributed to improving the quality of life for the whole world including Brazil’s active social participation and community awareness. The meeting with President Temer was held on August 28 in Brasilia, which is the country national volunteer day in the capital city of Brazil. ASEZ international culture experience team was visiting Brazil for summer vacation and conducting cultural exchange and volunteer activities and the presidential office invited the ASEZ to the event. The presidential office said that they were deeply moved by the volunteer members who served their neighbors and society in over 7,000 local churches in 175 countries without being influenced by individualism and selfishness. College students returned home on September 2 after completing their local schedules.

President Temel: “I appreciate ASEZ.”

The students of ASEZ performed a beautiful traditional fan dance.

At the event, 500 high position officials attended. Among those people who attended, there were President Temel and his wife, Prime Minister Elrigio Uppadilla, the secretary general of the Ronaldo Fonseca, the secretary general of the United Nations Office for Children, and the Secretary of Education, Ries.

After the speeches of the Prime Minister, the United Nations, the representatives of Brazil, and the education minister, the students of ASEZ performed a beautiful traditional fan dance for commemoration of cultural exchanges between Korea and Brazil. Their traditional Hanbok captured the audience and photographers attention. Many guest even asked to take a picture with the volunteer members.

ASEZ presented the President and his wife with a gifts; card cases, fans engraved with a beautiful patterns, Organic soaps, and lucky bags.

The president said repeatedly,

“It is wonderful.” He appreciated the Church of God and ASEZ for their efforts for world peace by saying “Wow, The fact that the Church of God is established in 175 countries is really surprising. I truly thank you”

Ronald Ponseca who was the president’s chief at the event said,

“This moment of your visiting to the presidential palace is very precious, I encourage you in the movements and all your activities.”, Prime Minister-General Marta Sallier also said “I am grateful that many Korean university students came to Brazil to exchange and inform about volunteer work”.

ASEZ visit many countries every year in their vacation.

Korean university students who belong to the ASEZ visit many countries every year in their winter and summer vacation to exchange their culture with local university students and various classes and to provide environmental protection, children’s education, campaigns, forums, and disaster relief. In August of this year, 240 college students spent a summer vacation to help people with the campaign which is ‘Mother’s Street’ in 36 regions including Brazil, Singapore, New Zealand, the Netherlands and South Africa.

Altruistic college students

The ASEZ is a world-wide college students volunteer group of the Church of God, organized by the love of God the Father and God the Mother to help families in need, solve problems facing humanity, and deliver hope. ASEZ, which means “Save the Earth from A to Z,” is launching the SAVE Movement for the sake of human life, happiness, peace and harmony. the meanings of the word ‘SAVE’ are social services, awareness activities, Victim care activities, and environment protection activities.

Among them, efforts to help the implementation of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals (U.N. SDGs) are attracting attention from all over the world. The U.N. SDGs were adopted by 193 countries in 2015 as a top priority for the world to solve together by 2030. The U.N. SDGs, which are comprised of 17 major and 169 detailed goals, include poverty, disease, refugees, environmental pollution, energy issues, global environmental issues, economic and social issues. The ASEZ is taking the lead in promoting this practice and expanding its participation in implementation. In December of last year and January 2018, 10 cities in nine countries, including Korea, the United States, India, Taiwan, Argentina and Mexico, held an international forum for the implementation of U.N. SDGs, drawing keen attention.

The university volunteer students said

“It is very pleasant and rewarding to discuss international issues together with university students from around the world who have different languages and cultures and find solutions”.

The People of the Church of God, who resembles Mother’s heart.

The foundation for a genuine service activity in the ASEZ can be found in the Church of God. The Church of God believes in the Bible, God the Father and God the Mother. The new covenant which was established by Jesus Christ in 2,000 years ago is cherished and preached. Their heart that wants to practice the teachings of God to love makes a good deeds for 7 billion people. There are various events such as blood donation, festivals, an orchestra concert, a writing and Exhibition of our Mother, and a variety of activities such as environmental protection activities and community events, including a variety of events. Not only a university students(ASEZ) but also young workers(WAO) are becoming social role models by practicing good deeds in each countries in their busy lives through the Church of God.

The Church of God has received from governments and institutions.

At the root of this commitment, the mother’s heart is to take care of mankind as a global family. Many countries around the world praise those who have continued to serve their families as if their mothers were happy to do so. There were over 2,500 medals, decorations, and thank-you notes that the Church of God has received from governments and institutions.

The Church of God has won six prizes in the U.S., the highest award for the president’s call to service, from former President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump.

The three major governments in Korea gave them a awards ‘The president’s award for group'(2015), ‘Government award'(2004), and ‘Presidential award'(2003). In June, the Minister of Public Administration and Security gave the minister of health and welfare a commendation for his contributions to life-sharing through continuous blood donation and for giving strength and courage to earthquake victims in Pohang with free meals in February.

During the 71st U.N. General Assembly, at a high-level meeting of the United Nations Central Emergency Fund (CERF), the Church of God General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol was invited for the first time as a church among so many churches and speeched.

For two years, Church of God did 3,600 volunteer services in 278,000 countries. This is equivalent to an average of 381 people participating in the service five times a day.

A official from the Church of God said,

“I will share joy and happiness with 7 billion people through my mother’s warm love”

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