The Church of God University Student Volunteers hosted WMSCOG ASEZ Global Forum on UN SDGs

WMSCOG ASEZ seek sustainable development such as environment and poverty

More than 3,000 people participated, including university students, diplomats and professors

Relay forums will be held in a dozen of countries by the end of the year

The Church of God University Student Volunteers hosted WMSCOG ASEZ Global Forum on UN SDGs
WMSCOG ASEZ Global Forum 2017

At the WMSCOG ASEZ Global Forum on the implementation of UN SDGs held in the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple of the Church of God on July 7, celebrities from all walks of life, foreign students and university student delegates from 17 cities and provinces announce the Sustainable Development Goals established by UN.


On the 7th day of this month, WMSCOG ASEZ, the Church of God University Student Volunteers, hosted ‘WMSCOG ASEZ Global Forum 2017 on the implementation of UN SDGs’ at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple of the Church of God in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, South Korea.


More than 3,000 people participated in this event, including domestic and overseas university students from all over the country, and officials from the Embassies of Kenya and Iraq in Seoul, and university and college professors.


The forum proceeded of introduction to the UN SDGs and how to implement them, and seeking the role of university students.


“I applaud the young people who are willing to share the pain and suffering of others while they also have a lot on mind, General Pastor Kim Joo-cheol said at the opening address.“Consideration and altruism towards others will change others as well as me, and will achieve the sustainable development and peace.”


In the presentation, students talked about the achievement of the UN SDGs in an integrated way, global environmental issues,and examples of overseas university students activities.


At the UN SDGs experience booth, there were discussions on preparing for climate changes, resolving inequalities, and preserving marine ecosystems, along with a panel exhibition introducing the UN SDGs.


Elloy (19) from Tanzania said, “If university students take the initiative and the world makes efforts, it is likely to achieve the UN SDGs.” He added, “This forum will also have a positive impact on the participants in getting the right leadership.”


UN SDGs, a sustainable development agenda,were adopted by the 193 Member States of the United Nations in 2015 for the UN and the international community to address human universal issues such as poverty, disease and education and Earth-Environmental issues by 2030, establishing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets.


This forum will be held consecutively in 10 countries including USA, Germany, Taiwan, India, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Philippines and Mongolia by the end of this year.

More than 3,000 people participated in WMSCOG ASEZ Global Forum
More than 3,000 students participated in WMSCOG ASEZ Global Forum

34 thoughts on “The Church of God University Student Volunteers hosted WMSCOG ASEZ Global Forum on UN SDGs”

  1. So nice to see these young volunteers. They must have warm hearts to share their love and peace. It’s amazing that this forum will be held in 10 counturies….!

  2. It’s awesome. The youth members of WMSCOG are different and outstanding. They think about others prior to themselves and try to find various ways to help the people in need and make the world a better place. I think ASEZ is one of them. I’m sure they will shine the whole world as the light of Mother.

  3. Wow~ ASEZ’s members who are trying to do their learning are the most intellectual.
    I applaud their youthful passion and devotion for the human race too!

  4. Wow! UN SDGs is with the university student Volunteers ASEZ in the Church of God! I support the Volunteers ASEZ who wants to practice the love of God in a world where love is cooling down! I’m looking forward to their move! ANIMO!!!

  5. ASEZ’s members in the world is still youth. Nevertheless they think and worry about clean world. It’s so great than other selfish youth. We don’t worry about this world we are living because of WMSCOG ASEZ..

  6. I want to take part in the ASEZ Global Forum on UN SDGs next time. I think that they are always smile and bright. I support you ASEZ’s members.

  7. Excellent!!! Youth make the wonderful world! WMSCOG ASEZ’s members are doing volunteer activity for changing the world better.

  8. It is so wonderful and proud!
    Truly, WMSCOG ASEZ’s members are hope and future in this age. I want to see continuous activity. Animo~^^

  9. ASEZ shows how the Church of God became much bigger to help over the world. I hope ASEZ will continue to deliver God’s will that we have to think other people and to share with them what are given to us by God’s grace.

  10. On hearing the news about this forum, What someone said came to my mind. “If all the young people of the world are like church of God volunteers we will have no problem.”
    ASEZ activities are proving this.

  11. WMSCOG seems have many activities such as cleanup campaign and blood donation and ASEZ Global Forum for better peoples quality and in the eyes of me it looks like very positive.

  12. It’s very good for young university students to spend their time for environment not just for themselves.
    The WMSCOG is really sharing the love of Heavenly Father and Mother through many performances!

  13. We all have something to do for Elohim God’s glory. They are so energetic in following Elohim God’s teachings. I also want to be so enthusiastic in preaching the gospel!

  14. Even they are young, their thought is not like child. Their consideration for environment and their efforts, passion to make world better place are very impressive.

  15. It seems very good. It is very good example to the university students in the world. I hope that there will be more many youth and university students who are interested in enviorment.

  16. Nowadays, university students have a busy life just for their enjoyment or for their grades. However, the university students of WMSCOG are different with them. They pay close attention to the preservation of the environment and their neighbors who are in trouble, and they actively seek to change it. I believe these warm hearts will transform the world into a better place. Cheer up! I support you. 🙂

  17. I truly respect their sincere support and passion to save the Earth with whole heart!
    This is what our government should do for people and society across the world;)

  18. University students gathering as ASEZ to ‘Save the Earth’ and supporting UN SDGs is amazing! Their good deeds and intentions will surely change the world into a better place 🙂

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