WMSCOG ‘Arise&Shine Global Bible Seminar 2018’

 WMSCOG held a ‘Arise&Shine Global Bible Seminar 2018’ at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple in South Korea on 1st of November.

WMSCOG held 'Arise&Shine Global Bible Seminar 2018' at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple in South Korea
WMSCOG ‘Arise&Shine Global Bible Seminar 2018’

WMSCOG(General Pastor Kim Ju Cheol) held a ‘Arise&Shine Global Bible Seminar 2018’ at the New Jerusalem Pangyo Temple on 1st of November. In the seminar 7 experts from America, Spain, Peru, Philippines, Mexico, South Africa gave presentations and testified about God the Mother through various academic field in depth.


The seminar was consist of 3 sessions-the principle and paradigm of all creation, science and medical science, culture and art, engineering science.


In session 1, the Special Education Specialist,  Jennifer Grace Traeger(USA)’s presentation ‘Heavenly Mother Hidden in All Creation’ and CEO of Group SBN Peru, Medication Information Provider, Luis Felipe Osorio Carreno(Peru)’s presentation ‘Paradigms & Heavenly Mother’ were made.


In session 2, the presentation was continued, the Professor in Department of Electronic Engineering in the National University of Philippines, Rafael Anonuevo Dimaculangan gave ‘The Source of Universal Energy, the Spiritual Integrated Circuit’ and the Senior Systems Engineer of Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), Lorn David Reynolds (USA) gave ‘Mother, the Chief Engineer of the Greatest System’. Moreover, the Executive Director of ERNST & YOUNG S.L., the Innovation Center in Artificial Intelligence Wavespace, Jose Maria Lucia Moreno from Spain continued the presentation ‘AI & Mother.’


In session 3, the Actress from the Republic of South Africa, Fulufhelo Mugovhani gave ‘The Great Playwright’ and the presentation was ended with Juan Carlos Marquez Romero who is a Coordinator of Cruz Roja in Queretaro, Mexico, ‘Realizing Mother’s Heart, Studying My Heart’


General Pastor Kim Ju Cheol said “Today’s seminar is held to make all the people in the world know about God in right way, and go to the way of salvation.” and “I expect there may be much beautiful changes in the lives of many people.”


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