WMSCOG prohibits idolatry – Cross is an Idol (WMSCOG Idolatry)

The cross is an idol WMSCOG Idolatry
WMSCOG prohibits idolatry (WMSCOG Idolatry)

WMSCOG Idolatry -These days, most churches have a cross on their tops. No matter whether anyone is a believer or an unbeliever, people regard the cross as a symbol of church. They think it’s common sense.

2,000 years ago Jesus was executed on the cross by being regarded as a more atrocious criminal than murderers. Do you think the cross, which is nothing but an execution tool, can be a symbol of church, Jesus and Christianity?

First of all, the words of God in the Bible prohibit God’s people from making any image and regarding it as a tool for serving God.

Exodus 20:4~5 “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them;”…

Through Exodus 20, God emphasized that making an idol is never for God but just for people who wanted to be comforted. And He strongly commanded not to make anything a tool for worshiping God by making the form of anything following any form in the world. ‘in the form of anything’ means nothing can be an exception. Then of course, cross can’t be an exception, either.

Let’s read another verse which God banned WMSCOG idolatry.

Leviticus 26:1 “Do not make idols or set up an image or a sacred stone for yourselves,and do not place a carved stone in your land to bow down before it. I am the LORD your God.”

God warned notto make any image with any material and set it up.

What is the result of those who ignore these God’s words and worship idols?

Deuteronomy 27:15 “Cursed is the man who carves an image or casts an idol—a thing detestable to the LORD, the work of the craftsman’s hands—and set sit up in secret.”

God warned that those, who have a disregard for God’s words and make idols and worship them, must be cursed.

These days,churches which set up the cross, excuse that the cross is just the symbol of Christianity and they don’t worship the cross. But they must realize that to make a cross itself is to disobey God’s commandment. And although they excuse they don’t worship the cross, they regard it as a comfort that protects them by wearing it or carrying it in their cars. They put devotion on it. That is idolatry! God knows very well human mind that puts devotion and faith on idols when we make them.So He forbade us to making idols.

The Cross is an idol (WMSCOG Idolatry)

The cross is nothing but a tool which God used for saving us from sins. No matter how Christ was sacrificed, what is important is not a tool but to take part in precious blood of Christ who sacrificed Himself to redeem us. Jesus put His love, that made Him sacrifice shedding blood on the cross, on the Passover of the New Covenant and commanded us to remember the sacrifice of Christ by commemorating the Passover. (Mt 26:17~28)

The only reason why Jesus was sacrificed on the cross was for our salvation and forgiveness of sins. If we are real Christians who truly love Jesus and remember His holy sacrifice, we should not worship an idol foolishly by making and serving across, but keep holy the Passover of the New Covenant through which Christ promised our eternal life and forgiveness of sins. Because that is the way how we don’t make the sacrifice of Jesus be in vain and we can get salvation by obeying God’s words.

36 thoughts on “WMSCOG prohibits idolatry – Cross is an Idol (WMSCOG Idolatry)”

  1. Cross is a mere idol God hates.
    We should remember the sacrifice of Christ by commemorating the Passover instead of worshipping cross.

  2. Yes… it’s correct. If the tool for sinner’s execution is symbol of church , every tools which can make survive someone from death will be symbol of something. The tool is just equipment not for symbol. This kind of runaround is really funny. We have to focus on blood of christ which was bleeding for us. That’s what the Passover !!!

    1. I agree with that 100percent people regard a mere execution tool as a holy symbol of Jesus’s sacrifice and revere it. I hope many will see this article and realize the fact.

  3. The reason we believe in God is the Salvation for our soul.
    The Cross is just an idol, not related to salvation.
    We should obey God’s teaching for salvation.
    We should not make and serve an idol, the Cross.

    1. Amen! Today, a church that does not keep the new covenant is setting up idols! This can tell where their minds are heading! Can anyone who is facing an idol looking without keeping the commandments of God be saved? Our hearts should be directed to the Word of God!

  4. In no way can it be justified to set up a cross in a church as sign of Christianity. It is directly against the words of God in the bible. How can people who work against the commands of God call themselves as people of God? We should rid God’s churches of any idols including a cross.

  5. The cross is just an idol that can do nothing for us. We should just remember Jesus’ sacrifice bleeding on the cross.

  6. Cross is just an idol that cannot help or save people. They never listen to God’s words saying “Do not set up any forms of idol and worship to it.” What would God think about such selfish people only insisting their lack of knowledge??

  7. I didn’t know that cross reverence is idolatry and prohibited by Ten commandments which given by God.
    It’s very clear and easy to understand the will of God through this article.
    and thank you for letting me know this very important matter.

  8. None could set up the any shapes so that worship God that is the idol. Not except even the cross. Cross is an idol can not give blessings n disaster. Nothing

  9. cross is not the symbol of God but an idol
    but now a day many people couldnt realize that even church meanbers

  10. Idols can do nothing for us, neither speak not hear! However, apart from Elohim God, people tend to worship idols.

  11. If we love God, we must not worship idol because God really hates idolatry…
    Among many idols, cross can not be an exception.
    Christians…please reject cross worship!

  12. As God prohibited to make an image such as a cross in the name of God, we must obey God’s words. It’s very easy.

  13. The cross was just a punishment tool in Roman. It was not the teachings of Jesus and also nor acts of his disciples. The cross was set up on church in AD 586. We should remember the blood of Jesus’s sacrifice that shed on the cross and keep the Passover New Covenant which is Jesus’ last teaching before he died.

  14. The cross is just an idol! It has no power. It is the ordinance of those who believe in gentile gods.
    Putting the cross on top of the church was a terrible death penalty for the early Christians. Not to make or build a cross that is a cursed tree branch to commemorating the sacrifice of Christ, but it is the right way to keep the Passover of New Covenant for participating in the sacrifice of the blood of God sacrificed to death for us.

  15. The bible clearly says not to set the cross up with any shapes. If you put it on or hang it up, this means not believing in God. Please correctly know words of God.

  16. When we look into the Bible, we can easily acknowledge the fact that the cross is nothing but an idol which is so detestable to God. Whoever wants to follow and obey God’s words, please get rid of the cross from yourselves.

  17. God prohibited making idols for God himself or serving them, nevertheless, if you make idols and serve them, it proves that you believe in another God that the Bible doesn’t testifies to.

  18. Cross is so familiar, that’s why many Christians don’t think it is an idol.
    But Cross is exactly idol. It has no power and it can not bless or curse anything. It is just meaningless….
    So throw away cross idolatry!

  19. God tell us that “You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of ANYTHING”. It means Cross is an idol, and can’t be an exception any excuse. This is an undeniable fact.

  20. What shall we do before God for eternal salvation? Do we have to disobey God’s commandments against God? It’s NOT good. Only those who cherish God’s commands will find something great when he enter eternal world.

  21. The statutes and commands found in the Old Testament (named Old by Christians and the Tanakh by the Jewish people) was never meant nor intended for Christians! All those do’s and do not’s were made for Ancient Israel. Therefore, that being said: “Is the Cross an idol?” My answer is No!
    There are no prohibitions in the New Testament against the Cross. Is the Cross worshiped by Christians? Again my answer is No!

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