The First WMSCOG NEW SONGS Festival


The First WMSCOG New Songs Festival finally came up. The Bible describes young people who follow God as “the morning dew.” (Psalm 110:3) It means they have pure and bright faith like dew in the early morning. Today, however, young people have so many obstacles such as negative economic prospects, low employment rate, overheated passion for education, and worries about the career. And these things hinder them from keeping their faith without shaking.


The First WMSCOG New Songs Festival was held for young people of God who are preparing for a better future. The purpose of the WMSCOG New Songs Festival was to provide a chance to the youth of God to give glory to God with a willing mind and to renew their mind for the gospel. This festival opened its venue on September 6, 2016, at Go And Come Institute in Okcheon. About 13,000 students and youth members participated in the festival. And through this festival, they could show the power of the young people and ignite the passion for the gospel.


A total of 17 teams from different regions participated in the First WMSCOG New Songs Festival. Until the mid of August, 335 teams took part in the regional competition. Among them, 38 teams were chosen for the second round of the contest. For the second round, they reorganized the 38 teams into 17 teams according to the regions. Other members who took part in the regional competitions joined the second round as spectators.


Word of blessing by Heavenly Mother

Before the festival, Heavenly Mother welcomed “the dew of the youth.” Mother taught them by quoting from Father’s word that “the most important things for the young people are action and faith.” And she also added, “I thank you for realizing the value of the gospel and working for it even though you are at the time of a beautiful and fresh youth like a bud. Let us shine the glory of God to all the nations of the world with faith and passion for saving the world.”


The General Pastor Kim Joo Cheol said, “I pray that this beautiful incense of new songs performed with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit could reach Elohim God.” And he also blessed that the harmony that the youth and students made with firm faith would make a great resonance all through the world.


17 teams associated with WMSCOG New Songs

Around 1:30 pm, the WMSCOG New Songs Festival announced its opening with the performance of the Messiah Orchestra. The New Song is a type of music which expresses the mind of saints for the power of God, the rejoicing for the Kingdom of Heaven, and the grace of God’s salvation. Especially, they give a deeper touch since the saints composed them.


17 teams stood on the stage one by one after a rehearsal in various places such as gym, lawn, etc. The first team was “Resonance of Soul” which was composed of members from Incheon and the southwest region of the Kyung-gi province. After preparing for a whole month for this competition with strenuous practice, team after team sang such beautiful new songs to the conductor’s baton as ‘Let us go to the world,’ ‘The Staff of Moses,’ and ‘Let me be Mother’s star.’


The harmony of 120 choir members along with the magnificent performance of the Messiah Orchestra produced by 80 members of brass, percussion, and strings moved the heart of spectators. Also, the costumes of the rainbow colors and the surprise performance at the end of the choir gave additional amusements.


Also, there were heated cheering competition among the spectators. They used such unique cheering tools as placards, LED panels, glow bars to cheer up the atmosphere even before the beginning. And they shook the institute with their shouts when their teams appeared on the stage. After the choir, they gave shouts and big hands. Truly, this competition suits to the word, “festival.” The 130-minute-long moving performances ended with a denouement in the choir song of “Hosanna, Receive the New Jerusalem” by the United team of Seoul and Gangnam.



The award ceremony

Soon after that, there was an awarding ceremony. When the emcees called the names of the team which would receive various awards such as Participation Award, Cheering, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Grand Award, there arose the sound of fireworks and great applause like thunders. The Grand Award was given to ‘The Third Heaven,’ the United team of Daejeon and Chungnam who performed the will for the gospel by singing ‘Humble Brothers, Tender Sisters’ with a clear voice. The Gold Award was for ‘Mother’s Fine Linen,’ The Western Seoul Team who sang ‘Hosanna, Give Praise to Heavenly Mother’ with a beautiful harmony. Heavenly Mother rewarded trophies to them and blessed them by saying, “the songs sang with one voice must have made a big resonance throughout heaven.”


Praise joyfully and increase the passion of faith

In the eyes of the participants and spectators who were returning was still lingering the high emotion they received. Elder Kim Jae Gon, the conductor of “The Third Heaven,” the team which won the Grand Award said, “Since many different churches joined and made the team, it was hard to keep harmony, beat, and tune.” “However, by listening to one another’s voice, they tried to practice yielding and understanding. Through this, they could produce a good harmony.” He added, “The secret for the prize was harmony.”


Pastor Lee Chang Soo who led ‘Mother’s Fine Linen’ said, “An extraordinary power is hidden in new songs composed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We sang the song, again and again, to prepare for the festival. In the meantime, we could unite our minds into one and strengthen the will for the gospel. He also said, “If we keep this enthusiasm to the end, soon the dew like youth members would decorate one page of the gospel for its completion.


In the Old Testament, we can see the army of Israelite defeating the enemies with the help of God when they marched out with singers giving praises to God in front of them. (2Chr 20:1-30) Also in the New Testament, we can witness a prophetical scene where the saints of God who are redeemed on this earth are singing new songs. (Revelation 14:1-3)


New songs and hymns are a spiritual channel which unites the mind of saints, encourages them with hope and courage and call up the power of God. That is why we can expect more from the action and life of the youth members who ignited the passion for faith by praising with new songs.





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  1. It’s amazing sounds. If we are not in Church of God, Where can we join like this festival?
    Also what we praise God is very beautiful deeds!

  2. It seems that it’s a good chance for youth members to unite each other with New Song prasing Elohim God. They look so happy!:)

  3. New Song is the heavenly melody. I feel so comfortable as if I in the heaven when I listen to New song. It’s so glorious that we praise to Elohim God through New song.

  4. I wish I could be at the First WMSCOG New Songs Festival. New Songs are so beautiful and touching that it is like the sound of heaven. I envy the youth members who were participated in the festival.

  5. Thanks to Father and Mother for allowing us to praise God with new songs. When I listen to the new songs, I feel my heart moved and purified by the power of the Holy Spirit. And I come to realize the deep understanding of the truth and feel great awe for the composers who felt the great inspiration after realizing the meaning of truth. All these things make us draw near to God. I love new songs.

  6. Recently we had a regional competition the new song festival. I was so moved by the songs the church choirs sang. We cheered for our teams and clapped hard for every team who practiced so hard and sang such a beautiful song during the festivals. Thanks to Father and Mother.

  7. When I was there few years ago as invited it was so beautiful songs and awesome.
    I’m really waiting next newsong festival and will try to take ticket if I there is an opportunity.

  8. Our WMSCOG New songs always gives me happiness, joy, repentance and hope~ Thank you Heavenly Father and Mother^^

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