WMSCOG Sabbath VS Sunday Worship – Which one is God’S Law?

WMSCOG Sabbath?  Who made Rules of Men?

WMSCOG Sabbath?  Who made Rules of Men?

Are you sure about that Christians including you keep God’s Law(WMSCOG Sabbath)? God gave His people the Bible that contains many things of God’s Law. Even though the writer of the Bible seems to be a man, the real author of the Bible is God (2Pe 2:20~21). However, in the Bible, there’s no record regarding Christmas and Sunday Worship. In other words, God didn’t ever establish such regulations, which are well known to the people as God’s Law.

Jesus also warned keeping the rules of men. They were introduced about 200 years after the New Testament had been completed. Thus, it’s not strange for us not to find them in the Bible. Christmas and Sunday Worship are just from Men, not from God’s Law. When you study the history of Christianity, they originated from pagan festivals.

WMSCOG Sabbath
Mosaic of Jesus Christ in the Hora church, Istanbul, Turkey (PavleMarjanovic / Shutterstock, Inc.)


Then, who abandoned God’s Law and made them? It is the very Roman Emperor Constantine who introduced rules of men into the church.

In AD. 96, The Book of the Revelation was completely written.
In AD. 313, Roman emperor Constantine issued the Edict of Milan.

In AD. 321, Emperor Constantine regulated Sunday observance. The WMSCOG Sabbath day was replaced with the Sunday Worship.
In AD. 325, The Passover of the New Covenant was abolished at the Council of Nicaea (The Passover Controversy).
In AD. 354, Christmas was introduced to Christianity at the time of the bishop Liberius, Roma coach.

Hosea 8:12 I wrote for them the many things of my law, but they regarded them as something alien …

The Introduction of Sunday Worship into the Christianity, is it God’s law?

In the 3rd century, the Roman Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity. Many know he developed Christianity by recognizing it as an official religion. As a matter of fact, Constantine misused religion for political purpose because he had not abandoned the title of Pontifex Maximus which was a title of the pagan high priest. He identified Sun-god and considered Jesus and Sun-god to be equal.

The History of Christianity, Tim Dowley, Lion Publishing, 1994

It is important to understand Constantine’s previous religion, the worship of the Unconquered Sun. …“When in 321 Constantine made the first day of the week a holiday, he called it ‘the venerable day of the Sun’ (Sunday).”

J.W.C. Wand, A History of the Early Church to A.D. 500, p.192~193

It is probable that Constantine set out with a deliberate intention to favor the Church, but even if that were so, it was necessary to placate the pagans. Consequently, the policy agreed upon at Milan was a recognition of the complete parity of religions. But as the reign progressed Constantine supported the Christians more and more, and one can only conclude that his aim was to make of Christianity the cement that was to bind together the whole Empire But perhaps the most significant evidence of this policy is to be found in the decree of 321 regulating Sunday observance. ……

Even though Sunday Worship has been rooted in all churches for a long time, those who believe in God should realize, Man-made teaching is a mere thing. No one is allowed to change God’s Law, rather, God’s Law is distinguishing characteristic of Christians. Jesus clearly said He is the Lord of the Sabbath (Mt 12:8).

Mark 7:6~7“These people honor me(Jesus) with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.”





67 thoughts on “WMSCOG Sabbath VS Sunday Worship – Which one is God’S Law?”

    1. Correct! The God’s law that we must keep in this age is the New Covenant ,the law of Christ established by Jesus,like Sabbath day,Passover, Pentacost etc. Only the Church of God keeps it.

  1. Sunday worship is man-made. Eventhough most churches worship on Sunday, it can’t be blessed. God says that worship is in vain.

      1. Exactly. When i realized the truth of worship, it is hard to understand pastors in church i attended.
        And, now so thanks to God for letting me to know the truth in the Bible, everyweek, everyday and even always.

    1. when we realize the customs which has been kept are wrong, we need to have brave heart to stop and change. That is the will of God.

  2. It is surprising that many christians do not know this truth and keep sunday service not knowing it is to worship other gods.

  3. It is easy to understand that the Sabbath day is the law of God which was never abolished by God but was by men. throughout the old testament and the new testament the Sabbath was kept by God’s people.

  4. Sunday service is only act of worship the sun-god. We should obey our God, not sun-god. We can obey our God by keeping Sabbath, God’s commandment, which God established for our salvation. WMSCOG keeps the Sabbath according to the teachings of Jesus.

    1. Yes, that’s right!
      We should keep the Sabbath for our salvation.
      Worship day in the Bible indicate Sabbath, Seventh day that is Saturday.

  5. The worship is a basic and important thing for God’s people to praise God and receive the blessing God promises.
    Most churches however, don’t follow God’s way of worship. God told us a worship day, Sabbath not Sunday worship. If we want to be God’s people and receive blessing, we must keep this. Man’s way lead us to wrong way. Let’s keep the Sabbath following God’s way to lead us to eternal kingdom of Heaven!

  6. I don’t understand why other christians keeps Sunday worship instead of the Sabbath.
    The Sabbath is God’s law. we must keep it.

  7. God’s children follow God’s commandments, not man-made!
    We should keep the Sabbath day, God told us to keep holy 🙂

  8. God testified that Sabbath is a sign between God and his people. This means God separate His true people from the false ones. We should keep the Sabbath on Saturday according to the testimony of the Bible in order to be recognized as one of God’s people.

  9. Thanks to Elohim god to meet the true god and keep the God’s law. The Sabbath day is god’s commandment. So we keep the Sabbath day, not Sun-day worship.

    1. Emily, would you please think of what Jesus taught us 2,000 years ago as it is written in the book of Matthew28:19 He want us to preach what he did to the end.
      Jesus kept the sabbath day only not sunday service.
      Sunday service just came from Rome emperor.

  10. We can easily find out which is God’s words & truths, Sabbath or Sunday Worship? If we find out it in the Bible, it is God’s words. If we don’t find out it in the Bible, it is not God’s words. So we can check the Sabbath in the Bible clearly. However, Sunday worship is not.

    1. Yes, If we have standard clearly, we don’t need to hesitate between truth and the false. The Bible clearly testifies that the biblical Sabbath is Saturday.

  11. While keeping the Sabbath in the WMSCOG, I felt my soul had been cleansed just as the Bible says that God made that day holy. There was no reason for me not to keep the law of God continually.

  12. Anyone who wants to be acknowled as one of God’s people, he/she should keep the Sabbath because God said the Sabbath is the sign between Him and His people. Please come to WMSCOG to keep the sabbath in obedience to God’s commands.

  13. We must remember the true worship day that God commanded for our salvation, from the time of old testament to new testament, the Saturday Sabbath is the true worship day.

  14. We must discern the truth and the falsehood through the Bible which is the words given by God. According to the Bible, Sabbath falls on Saturday and not Sunday at all. There are so many evidences such as caledar, dictionary, historical records and definitely the Bible.

  15. God’s people keep God’s law. It is written that Sabbath is God’s precious law not Sunday worship.
    Let’s keep the holy Sabbath day which is a sign of God’s people:)

    1. Sure, definitely! The bible says the Sabbath day is Saturday, not Sunday. I hope those who keep the God’s worship day on Sunday realize their thought is wrong.

  16. Actually, the Sabbath day worship has never been changed in to Sunday worship “by God”.
    It’s all men’s job controlled by Satan. Even God warned us about that in the Bible (Daniel 7:25)
    According to the Bible, those who participate in the Sabbath day can also participate in the eternal rest allowed by God,
    Do not forget that God rested on Seventh day (Saturday) after the six days of creation and commanded us to remember the day and celebrate it.

    1. Hi Maria. Don’t be sad. Because it’s time for change and go back to Jesus’ teaching with brave heart. He will be happy with that.

  17. From the beginning and till the end of the world the Sabbath day must be kept as God’s decree. Just the ways of keeping it are different between the old testament and the new testament. Jesus changed it and Christ Ahnsahnghong made known us who had forgotten the Sabbath. God Father Ahnsahnghong came to teach what God’s decrees are, which we must keep to be saved.

    1. We should follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, the new covenant Sabbath. Even though it was abolished at the dark age, in the age of Holy Spirit God the Father restored it. So we could keep it. So I am happy!

  18. The fact that Sabbath day is Saturday leaves no room for doubt. Let’s go to World Mission of Society Church of God on SATURDAY for keeping the Sabbath day!

  19. Of course, the Sabbath is God’s law. Because only Sabbath is written in the Bible, and Jesus Christ also kept only the Sabbath. In the age of the Old Testament and the New Testament, God called the Sabbath as His own. Sunday worship is just mere man-made custom. So we have to keep the Sabbath holy.

  20. Through News, magine and new paper I knew Christmas is not Jesus’ birth day. To know the truth, church have to pronounce Christmas is not his birth. I don’t care they celebrate Christmas or not. Just not hide the truth.

  21. Those who believe the God normally keep the Sunday as their worship the God. However, it is strongly wrong according to the bible. the teaching of the bible is Sabbath day is Saturday absolutely! It is a truly fact! As the one of the believers of the God, you must keep the Sabbath day on Saturday!

  22. History written in books tells facts to human. Sunday service began in 321 officially by Costantine for the sun god. It is a evil law which trips people up.

  23. We should have time to think the reason why the God showed examples. This is because the God wanna to save us and follow him. That’s is the way of our salvation. We try to follow his teaching and we should do as he(God) has done for us! Keep the the new covenant Passover and Sabbath Day!

  24. Let’s keep the Sabbath day to get eternal rest in heaven. Our Creator God Ahnsahnghong made it holy and special for our salvation.

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