WMSCOG Scientific Bible [The Earth and The Water Cycle]

These days, many people insist that they don’t believe the WMSCOG Scientific Bible because it is fictional and unscientific. However, these opinions are ignorant that they don’t know about the Bible [WMSCOG Scientific Bible]. Actually, scientists say that the more they discover scientific facts, the more they admit the existence of God and they have no choice but to believe that the Bible [WMSCOG Scientific Bible], the words of God, is fact. Because the scientific evidence of discovered was written thousands of years ago in the Bible, even though the records of Bible were regarded as heresy at that time, but it revealed true these days. Through the evidence of science in the Bible, let’s find out about the existence of God.

WMSCOG Scientific Bible -The Earth

Earth Hanging on Nothing

Most people have never seen the earth is suspended in space, but they believe it. Then, when did they know that the earth is suspended in space?

Ancient People’s Thought

WMSCOG Scientific Bible -Ancient Sumerians' Concept of the Universe
WMSCOG Scientific Bible

To believe that the earth is suspended in space has only been 400 years ago because they believed that the earth was fixed on something. Ancient people used to think that the sky was domed and the earth was flat.

WMSCOG Scientific Bible -Ancient Indians' Concept of the Universe
WMSCOG Scientific Bible

Ancient Indian’s concept of the universe had a heaven standing on a curved ground which was supported by four elephants which stood on a turtle which stood on a serpent.

WMSCOG Scientific Bible - The ancient people thoughts
WMSCOG Scientific Bible

Ancient Egyptians thought that Nute the goddess of the sky is surrounding above the flat ground and the stars were carved on Nute’s body, If Nute swallows the sun, it become night and then She throw up, it becomes day.

Scientific Theory

Then, when did people know that the earth is suspended in space? In 1543, Copernicus, a Polish astronomer, published his theory on the motion of planetary bodies and rotation of the earth, he supported the view of the earth not only rotation but also round, and also the earth’s revolution around the sun. However, religious leaders of that time considered Copernicus as a heretic and his theory also received great opposition. However, Isaac Newton discovered the law of universal gravitation and provided an explanation for the fact that the earth hangs on nothing, held by its attraction to the sun.

Already Recorded the Bible

WMSCOG Scientific Bible -The Earth in the space
WMSCOG Scientific Bible

Job 26:7 He spreads out the northern skies over empty space; he suspends the earth over nothing.

3,500 years ago, the Bible testified that the earth is suspended in space. Before Copernicus and Newton supported their theories, the Bible recorded that the earth hangs on nothing. God wrote the Bible through the hands of the people who were moved by the Holy Spirit. Even though Job, who recorded the book of Job, didn’t know it 3,500 years ago, it reveals that the Bible is the words of God and fact.

WMSCOG Scientific Bible -The Cycle of Water

WMSCOG Scientific Bible -The Water Cycle
WMSCOG Scientific Bible

In science class, we learned about the water cycle consists of three phases: evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Water is evaporated by solar energy from the surfaces of the oceans and river when these vapors are condensed, they become clouds, and when the vapors in clouds collide with each other and become drops of water, it rains. It runs off to lakes, ponds, rivers, and oceans then the cycle repeats itself.
Then when did people know the water cycle?

Scientific Study

Perrault and Mariotte discovered the water cycle from the flow of the Seine River in the 16th and 17th centuries. Astronomer Halley also contributed valuable data of the water cycle through precipitation and evaporation balanced each other.

Already Recorded the Bible

Job 36:27~28 He draws up the drops of water, which distil as rain to the streams; the clouds pour down their moisture, and abundant showers fall on mankind.

Even though the cycle of water was proven through science in 17th centuries, the Bible recorded it 3,500 years ago.

Ecclesiastes 11:3 If clouds are full of water, they pour rain upon the earth.

The Bible clearly testified that the vapor condenses to form clouds when the clouds are full, form raindrops.

Amos 9:6 He…who calls for the waters of the sea and pours them our over the face of the land – the Lord is his name.

According to the water cycle, it proves God who organizes all things. Before human revealed the cycle of water, the Bible already recorded it about 3.500 years ago. It shows that the Bible is the words of God and fact.

28 thoughts on “WMSCOG Scientific Bible [The Earth and The Water Cycle]”

  1. In the past,our ancients had no any idea of the Bible n no tool to discover that the earth suspend n water cycle.
    But, we could believe in the Bible by the development of the science.
    The Bible is fact n we have to believe the existence of God n heaven,too

  2. Before science develops, people couldn’t understand what Bible says but as the science develops, it testifies the Bible is Fact. It is natural that the Bible is in advance of the science because it is the records of God the creator who gave all the scientific laws of this world.

  3. The science really testifies the existence of God and the bible is trie. Therefore we need to follow the tesching of the bible.

  4. Many people do not believe the Bible as the fact even though they believe the science well. But through the Bible, it is founded that the science is the fact. It means the Bible is ahead of the science.

  5. God proves scientific facts thr the Bible but science doesn’t prove the existence of God. Which means the Bible is far ahead of science and God truly exists.

  6. Science prove that Bible is fact. It means the prophecies in the Bible is also fact. We have to listen what the bible prophecy about.

  7. We can find the scientific facts and the prophecies which transcend time. who else but God can give us such scientific informations far ahead of the times , and look ahead thousands of years ? All these things prove that God is alive and the bible is fact.

  8. The reason God allowed the scientific knowledge to be added and advanced in human life is to let us realize the fact God exists and He created all things in the heavens and on the earth and the Bible is true!!

  9. Science and Nature are Also God’s creation. So God’s word, Bible can be written about the rule of science. God is almighty and Real creator.

  10. Definitely. It is proved that the bible is very fact and scientific as the science develops. God has given us absolute evidences through which we can believe.

  11. It is easy to believe the Bible.
    God has explained the Bible with scientific knowledge for us.
    The bible is fact and God exists!

  12. Many people today do not believe in God’s existence and the Bible, but they believe in science and scientists. Ironically, scientists believe and testify of God the Creator who created the whole universe. We should be a wise child who sees the Bible ahead of science and realizes the existence of God.🙂

  13. It is important that we know the bible is scientific. When we understand and believe this simple fact, we can truly believe in Elohim God who gave us this bible. The bible is not just a book, a book read in churches or just the words of God. But it is a book full of truth and prophecies acknowledging us to realize the existence of Elohim God and our home heaven.

    1. Truly, it’s so important to acknowledge that the Bible is real, not false! We can receive eternal salvation only when we trust the Bible as God’s words.

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