The 2nd WORLD MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH OF GOD New Songs Festival heated up the faith of youth and student members in Korea last year has come again in the year 2016. On January 31st, the 2nd WORLD MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH OF GOD New Songs Festival was held at Okcheon Go&Come institute.


Before the 2nd WORLD MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH OF GOD New Songs Festival, youth and student members who arrived early at the Institute had a great time laughing and chattering under the warm sunshine for it is a few days before ‘Ipchun(the initial day of spring).’ Members of a choir from each provincial associations prepared stage keeping in tune and uniting zealously.


The service, the first part of the 2nd WORLD MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH OF GOD New Songs Festival, began at around noon. Heavenly Mother welcomed the youth and student members who gathered to give praise to God and encouraged them, saying β€œYou, more beautiful than spring flowers, are the ones who will display God’s glory.” Mother repeatedly complimented the saints who entirely unite for they are God’s source of pride, delight, and impression. She said, “All the prophecies of the Bible will be fulfilled when you who have been taught by the Bible was written for the children of Heavenly royal family display God’s glory with righteousness and good deeds.” and requested, “Let’s worthily preach the truth more precious than this world in this age when all peoples of the world stream to Zion.”


The General Pastor Kim Joo Cheol welcomed the youth and student members in Korea who gathered in one place for the first time the new year hoping for a blessing and hoped we could give God joy and thanks through the event.

A beautiful contest of 15 teams with Messiah Orchestra

After the service, the 2nd WORLD MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH OF GOD New Songs Festival had begun. There were total 15 teams on the stage that day. From Dec 20, 2015, until Jan 6, 2016, the regional preliminary contests were held, choir members were chosen from all the teams who participated the contest and 15 teams consisting of 160 people were formed.
It is said that the contests were family celebration fields adding to cheering from the family of the participants.


The 15 teams spent their time practicing for a month after the contest came on the final stage. With so much tension, each choir teams on the stage sang new songs with all their soul and might. Whenever a team appeared on the stage, there was a wild applause of encouragement and support. Beautiful harmonies well crafted by nearly 160 youth and students choir along with the harmonious melody of the Messiah Orchestra with the string, woodwind, brass, and percussion created an impression. Over 15,000 youth, student and pastoral staff packed into the Institute sank into deep echoes of new songs.





When all 15 teams’ stages were finished, there was an awards ceremony after going through examination. The Grand Award was given to the team ‘We Are Ready’ who sang with the voice full of the spirit of youth ‘From the east, the savior has come,’ the song of determination we will preach the savior from the east to Samaria and the end of the earth.


The other teams who got the gold, silver, bronze award and participation award enjoyed the honor and excitement of the awards. When the names of teams were called, the audience lavished them with great cheer and applause. Heavenly Mother rewarded trophies to each of teams and complemented, “Your loving hearts want many souls to come to salvation make new songs more beautiful.” And She wanted all the youth, and student members equip the faith enough to display God’s glory.


Deacon Michael King(Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K.) who participated in the event during his time in Korea for personal schedule, gave his thoughts, “I was touched by the youth from the place of the center of the gospel being one and singing the new songs with beautiful harmonies. I wish today’s event had been broadcasted throughout the whole world. It would have been great if the 7 billion people had seen them, the good and powerful youth, and gained hope and courage. I look forward to the future made by our Zion’s young people and students.”


Music, which is called a universal language, has the power to unite everyone beyond nation and peoples. Through the dew-like youth and student members who gathered their passion into new songs contain God’s love and hope for heaven, we can see the bright future of the gospel accomplished by preaching to the 7 billion.

Interviews with winners

Interview 1 – Nam, Yun-Ju (Ansan, The grand award recipient ‘We Are Ready’)

I had prayed a lot before I went up to the stage and I’m so thankful that they are all answered. Sometimes, we went through hardships considering various situation while practicing, but we always tried to be joyful thinking God is watching us. My school starts tomorrow. I feel different for I become high school senior. I believe I will get a good result if I put effort to the gospel as well as study hard since God gives me strength.

Interview 2 – Kim, Yeong-Seob (Ulsan, The gold award recipient ‘Elastin Mitera ‘)

It was not easy to practice altogether for our team members are from different cities. However, while I sang a new song fathoming the sacrifice of God, my own difficulty was nothing. In the song we sang, there is lyric, ‘every footstep.’ Every single footstep of Father and Mother is for us, not themselves. When I realized They went through so many hardships only for us, sinful children, I was so sorry to them and could have a high motivation to devote myself to the gospel. I hope I can make my foot step for God displaying God’s glory through good deeds.

Interview 3 – Lee, Jae-Seok (Suwon, The grand award recipient ‘We Are Ready’)

When we gathered to practice for the first time, we promised each other three things: to make the same mouth shape, to open mouth wide and to breathe correctly. We just wanted to make same voice, and everyone’s effort to keep the promise made beautiful harmonies. We got more and more strength when we felt we had been progressed. Despite hard training, everyone was willing to practice more even after the choir meeting, and it made not only our voices but also our hearts into one. Today’s award is the fruit of the unity.

Interview 4 – Oh, Hyeon-Seok (Seoul, The participant award recipient ‘Voice Of Mother’)

When I am busy at work, sometimes my face gets stiff. But while I was preparing the festival, I laughed a lot. When I sing new songs, it reminds me the beautiful memory of practicing with Zion brothers and sisters and makes me smile. Thanks to that, I often hear that I look good and happy these days. New songs are the secret key to put the word of God, “Be joyful always.” into practice.

Interview 5 – Kim, Hyeon-Gyong (Seongnam, The Messiah Orchestra)

It is the first time for me to play in the WORLD MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH OF GOD New Songs Festival. I am pleased to get closer to brothers and sisters through playing the new songs, and thankful to give help to Zion family of the nation when they praised to God with new songs. I felt a thrill when my playing sound was making harmony with the other members’ and resounding with choir’s harmony. It was busy with practicing but a great holiday. I am proud of myself for both my skill and faith have been grown up. It has become one of my precious and unforgettable memory. I always want to play the music which impresses Zion family with the constant prayers to God.

26 thoughts on “The 2nd WORLD MISSION SOCIETY CHURCH OF GOD New Songs Festival”

  1. New song is the heavenly melodies. It is the song through which we give praise and glory to the savior, Elohim God(God the Father and God the Mother). I hope the glory of the Elohim God spreads out to the whole world through the New Song.

  2. The youth n students in the WMSCOG learnt the unity by preparing the New Song Festival. It must be a good experience to them

    1. Amen! I can feel their faith to Father and Mother and also pray that all the youth and students members become gospel woekers who spread Mother’s glory

  3. It seems really joyful. That is moment that God’s propecies children of God in zion will be happy in God by father and mother’s love are accomplished.

  4. The member of the WMSCOG, they are the real protagonists of the prophecy in this age! Standing of Mt. Zion, singing the new songs and being with God in the flesh πŸ™‚ AMEN.

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